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Lip Blushing Seattle WA – Is It Worth the Money?

Lip Blushing in Seattle, WA – Is It Worth the Investment?


Lip blushing is a new beauty trend taking Seattle, WA by storm. But what is lip blushing, and is it worth the money? Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that gives your lips a flush of color that can last for months. The results are natural-looking and can be customized to your desired shade. While the initial cost of the procedure may be high, many people feel it’s worth the investment because of the time and money it saves in the long run.

Lip Blushing in Seattle, a women’s desire is to have three impressive points on their face that are sharp eyebrows, talking eyes, and seductive lips. However, there are very few people who possess perfect symmetrical lips. Moreover, along with the aging process, our lips tend to be thinner and gradually lose their youthful shape and color. Perhaps because of this, the need to beautify and refurbish these imperfections has been extremely popular in recent years.


Lip Blushing in MicroStunning


Understanding these demands, lip blushing was born to freshen and pumped your lips, with the benefits of enhancing the natural shape of your lips while also adding subtle colors and vitality. This ideal permanent makeup technique is to make your lips more youthful and naturally attractive.

With deep sympathy for women, Micro Stunning, specialized in permanent makeup, has successfully applied the most modern technique, guaranteed to bring you a fresh and pumped lip as you wish.

Are you ready to give your lips a freshen and youthful appearance? Keep reading for more useful information about lip blushing!


Table of Contents

I. The cost for lip blushing in Seattle WA

II. What is lip blushing?

III. Why you should do permanent makeup – lip blushing?

IV. Lip blush strengths

V. How does the lip blushing procedure work?

VI. What to prepare?

VII. Aftercare is vital

VIII. Micro Stunning – prestigious location for your lip blushing Seattle


I. The Cost for Lip Blushing in Seattle, WA



The price will entirely depend on where you live. In other words, the metropolis will cost more than rural areas. It will also depend on how good your tattoo artist is. However, the cost of a lip blush tattoo in Seattle will range from $450 to $1500, with touch-ups ranging from free to $400.

A tattoo like this will last for years on your face, so please don’t choose the cheapest one only to save a little money. Anything that doesn’t feel a little expensive is too good to be true.

With $750 you can get a full lip blushing in Micro Stunning. It is totally worth it for a professional and great service. Our knowledgeable technician Ginevra Casa – an Italian Permanent makeup artist specializing in 3D Ombre Lips Tattoo, has successfully brought natural-looking and satisfaction to numerous customers.

To color your lips, Micro Stunning will make sure the results are natural-looking and keep your lips looking full all the time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you have any questions regarding lip blush in Seattle.




II. What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup. Essentially, Lip Blushing is a cosmetic tattoo that employs water-based inks to deposit natural lip pigments in areas that are less natural or have lost color due to diseases or aging to produce the illusion of fuller lips.

Pigments come in a variety of hues to match any lip color and provide a subtle color that enriches the natural lip color, in addition to adding subtle color and definition, this method can also be used to improve medical asymmetry and even camouflage scars. You can be reassured that the colors are decided based on the clients’ interests and skin tones.

Lips blush tattoo can bring a shiny look to your lips with less skin trauma, minimal pain, and quick recovery. Lip blush also has no effect on your ability to wear lipstick so you can freely apply any lipstick color that you want.

What’s more amazing than that! So, don’t wait any longer to book an appointment today!



III. Why you should do permanent makeup – lip blushing?

Not everyone is born lucky enough to have rosy, plump lips, so the permanent makeup – lip blushing was born to help those who have lip imperfections. Lip blush is often applied to the following cases:

Have imbalanced lip with lots of defects

Lip blushing can fulfill your desire to have a dreaming lip; thick or thin, uneven lips can all be improved. Apart from medical asymmetry, even camouflage scars will become completely possible in lip blush tattoos.


Have dark lips or natural-born dark lip

Dark lips are caused by melanin pigment under the skin, which is very common and can be unattractive. Exposure to a lot of UV rays causes black lips and dark spots at the lip line. Lip blush tattoo method uses ink color to fill in dark patches. If your lips are quite dark, however, comprehensive treatment will take time and patience.


Pink but pale lips

When it comes to lip blush, many people often associate it with dark lips, but in fact, it is not only just for dark spots treatment. With subtle color boost, this permanent makeup method will make your face brighten and more attractive.


Those who are lazy to apply lipstick

Thanks to this technology, those who are too impatient to put on lipstick in the mornings can still have fresh, colorful lips.


And obviously, Micro Stunning will give you a lending hand to make your lip look younger!

Pick up your phone and call this number 720-999-4689

or visit their website


IV. Lip blush strengths

Lip blushing has become extremely popular among modern girls because of its convenient process and effective results. This trend is understandable referring of its numerous benefits:

Enhance dark lips with a diversity of natural lip color

This type of permanent makeup can be a great solution for your dark and dull lips. The diverse natural color palette with different color tones helps customers easily choose the right lip color for their age, skin tone, preferences, and personality characteristics.

Gentle and utterly safety method

Our professional artist will gently approach your lip with a modern sprayer with a micro-needle tip, organic tint, and a strict medical standard process to ensure absolute safety.

Long-lasting color with minimal pain

The color tint is evenly covered, penetrating deeply into each cell on your lip, maintaining a long-term result. Lip blush might last two to three years, depending on the client’s body, skin type, and lifestyle. The needle with a depth of 0.2mm only affects the epidermis without causing any injuries.

The ability to create a definition for your dreaming lip

Lip blush tattoo offers a great opportunity to adjust your lip shape without implementing any large operation on your lip. This treatment can enhance unbalanced or thin lips into a fuller and more natural lip shape.

A rapid process with natural results

The lip blushing process lasts only 2.5 – 3 hours and you can possess a gorgeous, natural, and healthy lip soon after. For best results, exfoliate the lips three days ahead of time.

V. How does the lip blushing procedure work?

Lip blushing is similar to lip tattooing in that it involves the application of color to the lips. Our procedure is professionally performed with absolute safety and it is achieved in the following ways :

Step 1: Designing stage

In the first stage, your lips will be customized in accordance with your unique preferences. Your lips are drawn on for your approval, precise measurements will be applied if needed to ensure the most natural shape of your lips.

Step 2: Color consultation

We will assist you in picking the most natural-looking color for your lip. The color is relatively based on your skin undertone. Light shades such as subtle pink, corals, mauves, or nudes will create a more natural and plumped effect. For medium and dark skin, orange pigment will be more suitable to neutralize your natural lip color and turn your shade of dream come true.

Red, coral, and pink are widely chosen by many young people. You should also refer to it to choose the most suitable lip color for you!

Step 3: Numbing and lip injections sections

Initially, your lips will be numbed so that you experience less pain and discomfort. Then, the treatment begins with injecting natural pigment by small needles and this can be done in numerous layers to ensure the lip will display in a perfect color.

Because your lips are a sensitive area, the procedure may be difficult for some people who have a low enduring level, but once it’s finished, your lips should not be painful. You may feel as if you just took an intense lip scrub, but that feeling will fade soon.

If the customer wants to neutralize, lighten or darken the tone of their lips, multiple sessions may be required. After eight weeks from your first round, getting a touch ups is recommended to achieve your precise lip color.

Step 4: Advised caring tips

After experiencing our lip blushing service, you will receive essential advice on how to take care of your lip to make sure that it will perform the most effective and beautiful color.


Call 720-999-4689 today!


VI. What to prepare?

To achieve the finest result in lip blush tattoo, there are a few steps you need to prepare ahead:

– Applying lip scrub and balm daily several days before your lip blush appointment. To ensure even pigment application and appropriate healing, the skin should be smooth and hydrated before the operation.

– For a minimum of 72 hours before the procedure, do not use Advil, Aspirin, Niacin or Ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, or any blood-thinning medicine unless necessary.

– Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.


Lip blush tattoo is not recommended when you are:

– Pregnant or breastfeeding

– You must not have your lip injection 4 weeks before the lip blushing procedure

– Suffer from cold sores or are easily affected by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation


VII. Aftercare is vital

In addition to technical factors from experts, how you take care of your lips after lip blushing also greatly affects the color of your lips. Lip blush tattoos will take between five to ten days to recover. Applying ice packs wrapped in clean paper towels to minimize swelling and soreness within 24 hours after your lip blush tattoo. The skin on your lips will scab for about a week as they begin to heal.

Right after the procedure:

– After eating and drinking, clean your lip with a cotton pad soaked in warm water and lightly absorb it on the surface of your lips.

– Wearing a face mask when going outside to avoid dust, but don’t wear it at home to let your lip breathe.

– Drinking enough water and adding extra vitamin C through vegetables and fruits.

When your lips begin to peel:

– After 3-4 days, if you find your lip gets cracked or dry, you may apply a thin colorless lip balm on the lip line.

– In this period, avoid picking at the scabs, otherwise, it may result in scars and an uneven color tone while your lip tattoo heals.

After the peeling period:

– Continuingly keep your lip moisturized with lip balm

– Try to add vitamins to your daily diets with vegetables and fruits, and drinking lots of water is advisable

If your lip color appears darker than you expected, don’t panic; this is a common situation and that will eventually fade as your lips heal. There are some vital things you should avoid:

– Avoid wetting your lips in water and applying makeup on them for a week.

– Refrain from working out or sweating, and try to keep your lips as dry as possible.

– For 5 days, avoid sunbathing or excessive sun exposure.

– Avoid eating spicy food, drinking caffeine and alcoholic beverages such as coffee or wine, … and smoking


VIII. Micro Stunning – Prestigious Location for your Lip Blushing in Seattle

Among countless lip blush tattoo places, you need to be wise in choosing a reputable beauty place that meets all safety and quality factors. With the mission of safe beauty, Micro Stunning in Denver offers high-class lip blush services, applying the most modern technologies. Each customer when choosing to do lip blush tattoo here is consulted directly, listened carefully to each person’s wishes, and then applied appropriate methods.

Apart from lip blushing, we also provide a wide range of permanent makeup technology such as 3D Ombre Lips, Lip Neutralization, Lip Touch ups, Lash Line,…, which help to bring perfect beauty to our clients.

Being verified by thousand of customers with wonderful results, if you need to find a quality tattoo clinic in Seattle, just make an appointment as soon as possible!

Here is the information that you might need for booking appointments or consultations :

– Phone: 720-999-4689

– Website:


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